Brush your teeth and shave – LifeCam Cinema HD on the way?

LifeCamCinemaI have not seen an official announcement so I have no idea if it’s real or a mock-up.  But if it’s real, I want it.  Especially if it works with Camtasia, Expression Encoder 3 and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition 9 and above.  My screencasts will never be the same and it’s looking like it’s time to buy my green screen.

[UPDATE]  It's official now.  See

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  1. Bluvg says:

    To what exactly does that clip attach?  If it’s on the top of your monitor, the thing would be facing the floor.  I must be missing something….

  2. Craig says:

    Hi Keith,

    the guys over at Pocket Lint have a bit more:

    I don’t get the super high PC requirements.  I have a USB based TV tuner (DVB-T) that runs full hi-def (1080i) through Win 7 Ultimate Media Center and the requirements for that aren’t as high (though I guess broadcast is what ~25fps not 30?)

    Oh well, possibly brings OCS another step closer to replacing the super expencive Tandberg/Polycom equipment we currently have.

  3. Keith Combs says:

    Yea, I thought the same thing about the clip that is pictured.  But there may be another clip or this isn’t a final product shot.  I’ve been fooled before.

    Take a look at the webcam at and the various methods for mounting it has.

  4. Vasudev says:

    This will be an awesome camera. Nice Post heading, Keith 🙂

    @bluvg, Regardsing the clip, I think it has to be kept on the monitor as it is on its base and its look like its Flexible and can be adjusted by just pressing.

    Earlier MS LifeCams do have such flexible bases.

  5. Geekazine says:

    That would be cool. I also am interested in how that will clip on the monitor. It might work on a tripod, though…

  6. PatRick says:

    straight up, what is the point of the mic on top of the unit? no one looks at their own web cam – they look at the audience…

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