Vote for my SXSW Panel – Screencasting Lessons Learned !!!

I submitted a panel proposal to this years South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference.  The title is, “Screencasting Lessons Learned” and I’ll try to do the subject justice with the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the past four or five years.

I am getting ready to record a number of Windows 7 screencasts using both Camtasia Studio and Expression Encoder 3.  I’ll be putting some of them through the ringer with adaptive streaming and Silverlight 3 so the information will be fresh and new.  I may try to get my hands on the new version of Camtasia for OS X and give it a whirl on my Apple MacBook Pro, too.  No promises on the later, but it would be a great comparison if I have time.

ia-logoScreencasting Lessons Learned (

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Event: Interactive 2010
Level: Intermediate
Type: Solo
Category: Blogging, Online Video, Writing / Technical Writing
Organizer: Keith Combs, Microsoft - IT Pro and Developer Evangelism

  1. How long should a screencast be?
  2. How do I publish my screencast using Silverlight?
  3. What do I need to worry about for a good client experience?
  4. Where do I store my video?
  5. What is the difference between progressive download and streaming?
  6. What format should I use for the source recording?
  7. What type of machine do I need for editing and encoding?
  8. Should I use a demo script or wing it?
  9. How long does it take to create a technical screencast?
  10. Should I worry about my accent?

Description: Learning to publish screencasts online can be a challenge. Come learn some tips and tricks that will help you use Camtasia or Expression Encoder more effectively with your blog. I am actively recruiting other Microsoft MVPs and speakers with the goal of turning this into a panel.

NOTE: In order to vote, you need to first create an ID at  It’s a quick and dirty registration app.  Very little hassle. Please register and vote even if you aren’t going.  Thanks !!!

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