Get your Windows 7 RC kit keys fast – 8/20 is the deadline

For those of you that have received a Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) kit at a loadfest event, or have downloaded the bit from, be sure to request an activation key.  After 8/20/2009 we will not be issuing keys.

Remember expiration dates: Please plan ahead for the RC expiration dates. To avoid interruption, you'll need to rebuild your test machine using a valid version of Windows before the software expires. Windows will notify you that the expiration process is beginning and two weeks later your PC will begin shutting down every two hours. The RC will expire June 1, 2010, and the bi-hourly shutdowns will begin on March 1, 2010. In both cases, you'll need to rebuild your test PC to replace the OS and reinstall all your programs and data.

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