Windows Virtual PC and Win XP Mode RC – now available

windows7rc_bloglogo Microsoft is pleased to announce  the availability of Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP mode Release Candidate. RC is an important milestone in our path to final delivery of Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode.

Please make sure to read the Release Notes and the Installation Guide before installing.  Also please note that a Beta to RD upgrade is not supported.  You must uninstall the Beta before installing the RC product binaries.

Here are just a few highlights for the product:

  • Manage USB devices with virtual applications: You can attach and detach USB devices while running virtual applications. The USB device management UI can be easily accessed form the right click context menu of the Virtual Applications icon, on task bar.
  • Jump list for virtual applications: Right clicking on the virtual application icon, on Windows 7 taskbar, displays a jump list that allows one to easily launch virtual applications from the taskbar.
  • Drive share settings: You can select the host computer drives that you would like to share with the virtual machine; in the virtual machine settings.
  • Windows XP Mode tutorial: A tutorial that introduces the user to Windows XP Mode features is displayed during Windows XP Mode Setup.
  • Faster Windows XP Mode setup: Improvements have been done to reduce the setup time for Windows XP Mode.
  • Compact differencing disks: You can now compact the differencing virtual hard disk to reduce the size occupied on the disk.
  • Support for optional components install in XP Mode: Windows XP optional components can be installed in Windows XP Mode.
  • Choose destination location for XP Mode files: You can choose the destination folder to store all virtual machine files for Windows XP Mode during XP Mode setup.

Go get Windows Virtual PC @

Go get Windows XP Mode @

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  1. Jon says:

    Keith, if i’m running a 64 bit Win 7 with XP mode, could I get my 32 bit scanner to work in XP mode?

  2. Keith Combs says:

    In theory, yes.  I am assuming by your question the scanner has Windows XP drivers but doesn’t work with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

    You won’t really know until you’ve tried it but given the USB support now in the desktop virtualization product, you have a pretty good chance I think.

  3. John says:

    What I would really like is to be able to use a printer like a published application.  Even though it would take much longer to print, I wouldn’t have to have XP on my brand new computer just so I can print pictures (yes, I am too cheap to buy a new printer).

  4. Mat says:

    Will there be any support for running Gnu/Linux OS or Gnu/Linux applications with this?

  5. Keith Combs says:

    Mat, I don’t know.  The initial release is focused on making sure the Windows XP VM and applications work well.

    I’ll check and see if they are porting the Hyper-V integration components for Linux over.

  6. Matt says:

    Keith, thank you for your response.  It is nice to see good support, and professionalism these days.

    Thank you


  7. Graham Sivill says:


    Just downloaded and installed Virtual PC and XP Mode on my Windows 7 RTM Ultimate.  

    I have to say I am very impressed with how it works seemlessly having the applications installed on the Virtual PC accessible directly from the Win7 Task Bar is great.  

    I do a lot of development for a leading UK Bank and they still use SQL Server 2000 which struggles to run on Windows 7 or Vista.  Now I can run it in XP Mode and it’s like running it natively. Brilliant!

    A couple of issues do exist though, when I first started the XP Mode applications like SQL Enterprise Manager and Query Analyser they opened in my right hand display with the top half of the application missing.  I run a dual monitor display, the right hand display is oriented in portrait mode and my left hand display is in landscape.  It appears as if XP Mode apps are trying to start centred across the two displays, because the top of the left hand display is lower than the right hand display, the right hand display seems to truncate the top of the application Window level with the top edge of the left hand one??

    I managed to get out of it by pressing ALT + Spacebar to get the Control menu to pop up and then I couldresize the Window so that I could see the top half of the application.

    This needs sorting as I expect a non-technical user probably wouldn’t know how to get out of that one?

    I also had to remove my existing Virtul PC 2007 installation in order to install the new version.  I am now struggling to figure out how I import the Virtual PC 2007 VMC files into the new Virtual PC? Is this possible, if not how do you get to your old virtual machines??

    I can see how to create a new Virtual PC but it seems to want to create a new file rather than offering you to open an existing VHD or VMC??

    Any help appreciated.


  8. Keith Combs says:

    Siv and everyone else,

    The product group has a blog at so that’s the best place to ask questions about Windows Virtual PC.


  9. Graham Sivill says:


    Sorry will pop over their and post the comment.


  10. Keith Combs says:

    No problem at all.  Their blog is brand new and your questions prompted me to go find out if they had set one up.

    Perfect timing…  🙂

  11. Jon says:

    Hi Keith, With regard to getting my usb scanner to work (it works in 32 bit vista but not 64 bit vista) works like a treat in xp mode.  I was concerned as win7 doesn’t recognize the device but xp mode picks it up no problem. Thanks

  12. na5m says:

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (build 7100). There’s no driver support for my Epson Perfection 1650 in any way, shape or form. W7 does recognize it, however. But with no drivers, there is no love. Now enter Windows Virtual PC coupled with Windows XP Mode. BAM! My 10-year-old scanner is back in action! Thank you, Microsoft!

  13. Mark says:

    Just an FYI XP Mode will kill your VMware running on VMWorkstation 6.5. Luckily I made a backup.

  14. bilal_fazlani says:

    please answer this

    quick compare between vmware and virtual machine and virtualization in win7.

  15. Bob Bogler says:

    Can I make an image of my current Vista OS then reload with 7 add virtual pc and load the image?

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