How long do your hard drives run non stop?

image In June of 2007 I purchased a TiVo Series 3 HD DVR and promptly attached a 500GB SATA hard drive to the TiVo eSATA port.  That hard drive and enclosure has had a workout since then.

They’ve been running non-stop for 24 months and at some point you and I both know the MTF grim reaper is going to knock on the door.

I have been considering buying the same exact enclosure again because I like the design for this particular application.  However, the enclosure I was using was changed so I opted for the new version.  The new version is still very similar and has the main design point I was looking for, a quiet fan.

I purchased the case at Fry’s. carries them and of course has some great pictures.  Click the pic above to take you to the site and SKU.  Like the original case, it isn’t the best looking case around but I don’t care much.  I just want it to work non-stop for months and months.  I’m pretty sure the current hard drive will wear out before too long so I also purchased a 1TB Hitachi drive which I’ll swap out at the end of the summer, just before the fall shows premiere.

The case itself is aluminum.  The hard drive tray is plastic.  I don’t use the stand and from all practical appearances sucks.  The front of the drive is lit and a bright blue.  I placed a piece of electrical tape over all but a slit of the front display to blind the blue light.  Works very nicely.  I can still see when the drive is de-fragmenting the work areas. 

I’ll let cha know in a couple of years if this one survives.  That seems like a reasonable period of time.  $40 for 24 months of use?  Sounds good to me.  Any other recommendations for non-stop operation drives and enclosures?

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  1. Jon says:

    I have a enclosure similar to that .. you can detach the LED cable to turn the light off for good

  2. Mike Kline says:

    $40 for 24 months is good for sure.  The DVR is one of my favorite technologies of all time.  

  3. nick says:

    That does look like a nice enclosure but I usually buy aluminum ones without a fan, relying on conduction to cool the drive.  How noisy would you say the fan is after 2 years?  It always seems the cheap fans in enclosures start out pretty quiet but get louder as they age.

  4. Keith Combs says:

    Nick, it is still nearly silent.

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