Using Bing with Firefox 3.5 – default search engine

image I run my share of software that isn’t made by Microsoft.  Like a number of you, I downloaded and installed Firefox 3.5.  I really have to because I need to make sure the Firefox experience is good on my blog and on  Gotta keep those boys in check.

So today I was wondering how to flip the search engine from Google to Bing inside Firefox.  The official Microsoft Bing add-on for Firefox is at  I looked up Alessandro Catorcini and Beatrice Oltean in our internal Exchange global address list and they are both Program Managers in the Search division of Microsoft.  I see some skepticism in the comments at the add-on location (as was I).  So I double checked.

Anyway, after you download and install the add-on, you can make Bing the default search engine that is used for queries.  Bing is rocking and you should really try it.  And I am not just saying it because I work here.  Enjoy.

Comments (2)

  1. wosully says:

    I have been using this for weeks in IE and Firefox 3.5.  I am a google convert now: Bing it is.

  2. Callighan says:

    And Bing it is.

    Have been using it for he past week.

    I use it interchangeably with Google.

    For deep search, Google.

    For everything else, Bing.

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