Windows 7 downloads – here are some nice goodies

草津白根 弓池

There are some pretty cool themes and pictures up in the “Personalize it” area of Windows 7.  I particularly like the “Yumi-ike Pond” picture although I see a discrepancy about it’s true location.  One description says it’s an Alpine lake.  But it’s also included in the Japan Theme Pack.  Anyone know where it really is?  Are mountains in Japan also referred to as "alpine" ???

Comments (2)

  1. Per says:

    I believe Alpine could just mean something related to high mountains but I don’t see any of them in that picture. Nice picture though.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    It’s in Japan.  Found the facts on pretty quickly.

    FYI, I went looking for tree line information.  Did you know tree lines around the globe range from 2600-17000 feet?  That’s a big difference.

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