Have money to burn? Try this

imageApparently someone forgot the recession is still in full swing.  At $7999 for this 43” curved monther, I’d have to recommend  slapping a couple of cheap 22” panels next to each other.  But it sure looks cool.

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  1. Karl Fleischmann says:

    Wow,  Gotta love that look though.  Somehow the 22" just wouldn’t have the same flair though.  If you’re buying this it’s probably not about the money.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Yea, but for 8 grand you can buy a serious HDTV for the den.

  3. TXMikeB says:

    Using this as a computer monitor, imagine how many times you’d have to lift your mouse to move from one end to the other.

  4. tinman says:

    Ah man. Basically a 3:1 contrast ratio… that’s wider than anamorphic. When I see this I can only wonder how many it would take to go all around you. Too bad windows doesn’t have any sort of mechanism in display settings to make the monitors connect on the far ends with several around you, and I don’t know of any graphics card that would support four or more at a time… and then there are the games to consider. They would need to be totally reworked so you could see all around you at once…

    Anyway. Interesting find.

    #TXMikeB: Not if you have a high-DPI mouse, but I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with, you know, an old one with a mouse ball.

  5. Wayne Anderson says:

    I *SO* want this.  That is pretty crazy, frankly, I am not sure anyone but the most serious graphics designers, etc, would purchase something this crazy.

  6. BeCre8iv says:

    A flightsim ‘enthusiast’ would love this.

  7. Tim Carney says:

    Keep you $$$, this product is not worth it. It is a great concept but the execution is pretty terrible; low-resolution, bad colorspace, low brightness and not very sharp. I would buy two Dell S2409W 24" Full HD Widescreen Monitor (with 5 Year Protection) for a whopping total of $498.00

  8. Eric says:

    2880 x 900 resolution leaves a bit to be desired, especially at that price tag.

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