IT Pro Momentum Program Results – Ginger Grady

IT Pro Momentum

Your name:   Ginger Grady

Company name: 

Your geographic location (country):   USA

Public disclosure of your name and company name allowed? (Yes or No)  Name only, not company

Objectives of the project:  What problem did you set out to solve?  I am testing Windows 7 compatibility with companies current software and hardware.

Are you piloting or deploying the products?   I will be piloting starting in May.  Deployment will not start until all programs being run are compatible.

Products used in the project (all that apply):   Windows 7 and IE 8

Project description:  I am testing compatibility between programs that we are using already with Windows 7.

Were the objective stated at the beginning satisfied?  Did you solve the problem?

Are you going to save money?  How much over how many years?

What do you think about the IT Pro Momentum program?    We tried to make this as easy as possible on everyone.  I like program and have recommended it to several other IT friends. 

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