IT Pro Momentum Program Results – OldCastle Materials

IT Pro Momentum

Your name:  Bob Hinton               

Company name:  OldCastle Materials

Your geographic location (country):  USA

Public disclosure of your name and company name allowed? (Yes or No)  Yes

Objectives of the project:  What problem did you set out to solve?  Testing of Windows 7 Beta

Are you piloting or deploying the products?  Definitely piloting right now.  I really like Windows 7 so far – testing has gone very well.  We’ll start testing in production once Windows 7 goes live.

Products used in the project (all that apply):  Windows 7

Project description:  It has definitely been a success. Our testing has been limited to a few desktops so far due to time constraints, but so far everything has run fine.  We run most of our applications in a Citrix environment, so I didn’t expect to have many issues.  I am impressed with the speed of 7 vs Vista.  I’ve run it on some pretty low-end PCs and it performs well.

Were the objective stated at the beginning satisfied?  Did you solve the problem?  No issues.

Are you going to save money?  We’ll see.  Initially we’ll probably see a higher volume of support calls due to the differences between Windows 7 and XP.

How much over how many years?  No way to tell.

What do you think about the IT Pro Momentum program?   I love it!  I’ll definitely keep the Technet subscription up to date, as it has been a lifesaver.

Would you have done this project without the IT Pro Momentum program?  Yes, but I probably would have waited a little longer to start.

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