Interop Road Show – webcast playback and downloads now available

Last week I took off for vacation.  It was one of those marathon honey due vacations and I am happy to say I accomplished most of what I set out to do.  The house is painted.  The trees and bushes are trimmed.  The pool is in top shape and ready for frolicking. 

I also took some time to help Matt Hester deliver a simulcast of the Interop Road Show we’ve been doing.  He did the delivery and I answered the question on LiveMeeting.  Of course we recorded the LiveMeeting audio, slides and demos and they are now ready for your viewing pleasure.  You’ll see they are available in .WMV format (my fav) and the LiveMeeting format.

When you start listening to session one, you’ll notice Matt’s mic is over driving the system.  It was adjusted about 7 minutes into the session so it’s much more comfortable at around 9 minutes. Here the are:

Get the rest of the information about the webcast on Matt’s blog at

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