IT Pro Momentum Program Results – Logikworx

IT Pro Momentum

Company name: Logikworx

Your name: John Obeto

Your geographic location (country): USA

Public disclosure of your name and company name allowed? (Yes or No) Yes

Objectives of the project:  What problem did you set out to solve?: Create an orderly migration program to upgrade our client companies, and all their users from Microsoft Windows Vista to Windows 7, within a relatively short period of time after Windows 7 RTMs.

Are you piloting or deploying the products? We will deploy Windows 7 in two phases: 1) By completely immersing Logikworx, subsidiary companies, and affiliates in Windows 7 as of the RC build, and 2) Be ready to implement Windows 7 on systems at five (5) selected companies on the day that it RTMs, which is generally a couple of months before general availability.  

Products used in the project (all that apply): Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Server 2008  - Standard, EBS, and SBS flavors, Hyper V, MDOP. We are also trying out SoftGrid to see if some Windows 2000-era applications can be brought forward. 

Project description:  Migrate several hundred small businesses from Windows Vista to Windows 7 in 18 months

Were the objective stated at the beginning satisfied?  Did you solve the problem?  By reapplying techniques we successfully utilized during our Windows XP to Windows Vista migration, we believe we can meet our stated objectives.

Are you going to save money?  How much over how many years?  Indubitably, on the saving of money! For our clients, and for us as well. Cost savings vary, based on the differing sizes in our client base.

What do you think about the IT Pro Momentum program?  Would you have done this project without the IT Pro Momentum program? Any suggestions for improvements are appreciated.  We tried to make this as easy as possible on everyone. Totally needed idea! I think that it would prod IMO, IT managers to start planning for deploying Windows 7, and other products in the Microsoft stack, earlier,

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