Interop Road Show Webcast – live this week on 5/6/2009

interop_header_interior On Wednesday May 6th, we’ll be broadcasting the Interop Road Show.  Actually it’s going to be a bit of a simulcast.  Matt Hester will be in Downers Grove, IL doing a live delivery of the sessions, and we’ll pick up the audio and demonstrations via the magic of Microsoft LiveMeeting.

In addition to having Matt present the sessions, we’ll also have Kevin Remde and Shawn Travers onsite helping to manage the questions and get Matt’s attention.  And that’s not all.  I’ll also be helping answer questions, but from the shady umbrella of my pool patio.

How do you attend this event virtually?

Easy.  Just head on over to the area and click the Live Webcasts link in the top left navigation area.  This will dump out a list of the upcoming webcasts.  You should see the webcast in the list for May 6, 2009.  Of course, you could just click the direct link and register.

As with all of our webcasts, this event will be recorded and barring any technical issues will be available for download and offline playback a few days later.  In addition to that, I will also be recording some high quality versions of the demos this week using Camtasia and will make them available here on my blog, as well as on the website.

What are we going over in the sessions?

A ton!  In the first session we discuss how to add Linux or OS X desktops to an Active Directory (AD) environment.  We’ll authenticate against AD, test permissions, and assorted other fun stuff.  In that session we’ll also use a partner product from Centrify called DirectControl to add Active Directory Group Policy integration to the mix.  We’ll test pushing some GPO settings to a Linux virtual machine and see how this flows.  A review of the available DirectControl OS X settings will also be briefly reviewed.

The second and third sessions cover how to install and use Open Source Software (OSS) on Windows Server 2008.  In the second session we’ll implement Apache, PHP, and MySQL then drop Drupal on top of that.  We’ll then migrate the Drupal site to IIS and demonstrate WordPress running on IIS, MySQL and PHP.  The last session demonstrates integration of PHP with SQL Server 2008.  I’ll save the rest of the demo surprises to Matt.  Grin.

This will be a rather long webcast primarily because it’s really a live event that we are sharing via LiveMeeting.  There will be breaks between each session of approximately 20-30 minutes in duration.  The cool thing about this type of event is that you get to ask questions without interrupting the speaker.  So ask away!!!

Event Information

Language(s): English.

Product(s): Windows Server 2008, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Apache, MySQL, PHP, IIS7, SQL Server 2008

Audience(s): IT Manager,IT Professional.

Duration: 240 Minutes

Start Date: Wednesday, May 06, 2009 6:30 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Event registration:

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