RichCopy bulk file copy tool released – get it here

People have been asking me for years in my presentations what that icon on my desktop called “RichCopy” was.  I would of course tell them all about it.  That was always followed by a request for the utility.  Well, it only took nine years to fulfill that request, but it’s finally here.

I didn’t even know we were going to release it, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it prominently displayed right at the top of the April TechNet Magazine.  The cover pic on the website is too small for you to see the box next to the TechNet name, but fear not.  Head on over to the column from Joshua Hoffman called, “Utility Spotlight: RichCopy

Joshua gives you some of the background, history, and other information in the column.  But you’ll want to head right to the download link and grab one of my favorite utilities. Here’s a screenshot of this bad boy in action.  In the job below, I am uploading the content for the Interop Road Show to a server in Seattle.  RichCopy has ten upload threads going and as you can see, I am uploading the very beginning of the self extracting archive.


This brings me to an important point.  If you are supplying people a big fat .ISO image or zip file, please rethink your strategy.  WinRAR from RARLabs is a great archive utility and when combined with a tool like RichCopy, it’s a match made in heaven.  With WinRAR, I took the entire set of content and archived it into 100MB chunks.  People that use multi threaded download tools like RichCopy are going to love me for that. 

My team standard for FTP is the wonderful FileZilla.  Like RichCopy, FileZilla is also multi threaded.  I have never used RichCopy for FTP because until the public release, you were required to be connected to our corporate AD forest to use it.  And the last thing I want is a FTP client that is running across the VPN connection.  That has all changed now, so I need to run some tests with both of them and see if there’s a clear winner.  Today I am using RichCopy for SMB and FileZilla for FTP.  Using a single util for both may make more sense now.

Get RichCopy @

[UPDATE for 5/1] Ken Tamaru was/is doing development and maintenance of RichCopy.  He recently started a blog at  There is the place to ask RichCopy questions.  Keep in mind however he has a day job and it’s completely different than being a developer for the RichCopy utility.

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  1. Dave says:

    Ummm Kieth – it’s still got the label on the help screen  "This is Microsoft Internal Tool. It is not allowed to use this tool outside of Microsoft Corporate network without following appropriate process."

    Now  – as far as I’m concerned, my "appropriate process" is to just click on your link … your mileage may vary 😉


  2. Keith Combs says:

    Yea, I noticed that too.  I also noticed some bugs in the help system.  The EULA and Help need to be fixed in my opinion.  

  3. Jaderson Silva says:

    Hi, my name as you know is Jaderson Silva. From Brazil… Sorry about my silly question, but is it possible you give some example where could you use this software and I could note it maybe be a fantastic one… I have read the "readme" but I have some using problems to use it. Maybe because I don´t need it yet and have no idea where use and how to use it!

    e-mail: or

    Thank you so much!

  4. Keith Combs says:


    I use it primarily for downloading beta releases of our products from Seattle over a VPN connection.  Take a close look at all of the options.  There are many many ways to use the utility in a corporate setting, especially if copying files over long distances where a connection can get dropped.  RichCopy will retry the connection and continue.  That’s a really handy feature to have while you sleep.

  5. Andrew Coates says:

    I love this tool and am really pleased we’ve released it. I also discocered the very cool Free Download Manager recently, which allows you to grab stuff over http (as well as ftp, smb and a few other protocols) using multiple threads for each file and with
    resume etc. I found it via the instructions at Brian Keller’s blog –, in turn linked from the VS2010 CTP download at

  6. Matt Hester says:

    As cool as Rich Copy is that is not the best article in the April issue, the article on Internet Explorer really caught my eye.  Thought you would like that too. 🙂

  7. Ted M says:

    I love RichCopy for its being multithreaded.  I do see its increased copy speed over WAN. But, I’m having trouble copying ACL’s of the copied files and folders using the GUI (with File Attributes and Security Information checked to be copied) or the command line (which runs a GUI) with /CT, /CA, /CSA, /CSD, CSG, /CSO, CSS parameters.  Are there examples on how to do a folder copy along with the ACL’s?

  8. CmputrAce says:

    I can’t seem to get RichCopy to honor the folder exclusions when using the Advanced Options items. I can enter them fine and they are stored in the configuration XML, but when I execute the file copy, the exclusions are ignored.

    Also, when I go back into Options, the check box to enable the exclusions is unchecked. The exclusion list is still there, though.

    I *think* I’d like this over RoboCopy, but I can’t test it fully to find out. Any idea how to contact the developer to let him know what I’ve found?

  9. dredy says:

    Yes! The directory exclude filter seems to be not running. Even the file exclusion list is ignored. The utility is great but, without file/dir exclusion properly working … unusable.

  10. Keith Combs says:

    Last time I used the filtering, I used it to include only certain files with a mask.  I have not had a chance to test all of the stuff in it, but I would hardly characterize it as unusable.  I use it weekly to push or pull bits.

  11. Mark says:

    RichCopy does almost everything.

    I have got it to exclude.

    Only thing it will not do is remove a directory.

    In my tests, I removed directories (and the files in the directories) from the source location.  

    Ran Richcopy, and then checked the destination.

    Richcopy removed the files in the directories but left the directories in the destination location.  

    Any idea’s on how to remove directories?

  12. 49DollarLogo says:

    I have been using JESCOPY so far, will try this one also. I believe that UI is far more compact and intuitive. RichCopy’s interface reminds me of a download manager.

  13. Brian La Rose says:

    I have to second the statements about exclusions not working, file exclusions in my case. I got it to work twice and haven’t been able to since. Saving the settings then going back to check the options shows the file name in the list (*.ini in my case) but the checkbox is unchecked. I check it, save again and go to run the job and the INI files are still copied.

    I then tried to use the command line that it built (adding richcopy.exe to the front of it) but that didn’t work either. It launches the app but then it does nothing.

    I also can’t get it to do more than 3 threads at once.

    The performance improvements over a WAN are phenomenal and I’d LOVE to use it, but the lack of functioning exclusions and the weird way it doesn’t seem to run via command line make it tough to recommend it.

    Who can we officially report bugs to?

  14. Robert says:

    Anyone figure out a way to have RichCopy actually maintain ACLs when copying? Checking off the security options doesn’t seem to do a thing for me. I haven’t tried the command line yet but the GUI is the main reason I’d want to use the tool. ENOUGH with the command line switches!

  15. Gary says:

    I have to say that I’m with Brian on this one- my attempts to get this setup as a scheduled task are taking way too long. The command line reference leaves a lot to be desired as I cannot figure out how to get this to create a log file.

    I have no choice but to go back tried-and-true RoboCopy.

  16. Raul says:

    I’m also having trouble copying ACL’s of the copied files and folders using the GUI (with File Attributes and Security Information checked to be copied) or the command line (which runs a GUI) with /CT, /CA, /CSA, /CSD, CSG, /CSO, CSS parameters.  Are there examples on how to do a folder copy along with the ACL’s?

  17. Keith Combs says:

    I will see if I can get the author of the utility to either respond to all of the questions, or start a blog and some level of support.

  18. Dan H says:

    Same problem with excludes. Tried to exclude by date. (I set it up to only copy prior to a specific date for files and folders) I keep losing the check marks and the dates keep resetting to the current date.

  19. tower defense says:

    I do see its increased copy speed over WAN. I’m having trouble copying ACL’s of the copied files and folders using the GUI or the command line with CT, CA, CSS parameters.

  20. SWAJOHN says:

    I’m having the same issue with it not copying ACL’s.  Guess it’s back to robocopy for now.

  21. Keith Combs says:

    SCORE !!!!

    I think I have convinced Ken (the dev for RichCopy) to start a blog.  I am going to get it created and get things rolling.  When I have the blog created and have a link, I’ll let you know.

    Stay tuned

  22. Robert says:


    Quick question – is there any way to get this to execute fully automatically under scheduled tasks?

  23. Andrew says:

    Is there any way for it to preserve folder creation dates on copy?  

  24. Dan M says:

    Very simple question, but it’s not obvious…

    If I want to copy directory root/A/B to somwhere/X, such that I end up with the (new) directory somewhere/X/B with the copied contents of root/A/B, what are the GUI and/or command line parameters to do this? My several attempts all end up with the contents of root/A/B directly in X and no subdirectory.

    I think I see a two-step process to do this but can it be done in one?


  25. TimTrace says:

    +1 for the exclusion bug

    Source and destination path are not saving with the Option File.

    Also cannot figure out how to use the consolidation option from the command line.

  26. Miles Stevenson says:

    I’m also having the problem with exclusions not working properly.

  27. Anthony S. says:

    I am also having issues with maintaining ACLs. Will be looking forward to the blog.

  28. Stefan Sczekalla says:

    I’m missing some Information on how does RichCopy addresses the behavior wich is addressed by Robocopy using the Opions /ZB ( copying files in Backup-Mode )

  29. Da Scoobmaster says:

    I was about to give up on this and I got the ACL part working.

    The confuding part is to ignore the info on the overview screen as that is for compares.

    Within the "security information" section I selected all options except "System Access Control List" and it worked.

  30. chas says:

    Seconding Dan M’s comments, I believe this falls under the whole exclusion problem when copying some, but not all subdirectories, and expecting the directory structure to also be copied to the destination folder.

    All in all, great app, I’d love to use it, but as is it’s completely unusable.  My ideal app would be synctoy and its exclusion handling with the speed of richcopy

  31. JBass says:

    The ACL thing. I tried the suggestion above from Da Scoobmaster, but it is still not working for me.

    Is there a config file where these setting are stored?

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