Windows Server 2008 IIS 7 Admin Pack – now available

ws2008 The modules of the Administration Pack are a toolset to help you be more productive when using IIS Manager. Functionality varies from increased configuration editing capabilities to configuring FastCGI settings on your server.

Configuration Editor - The configuration editor module will help you manage your configuration files. This tool is available for server administrators only. It allows you to edit any section, attribute, element or collection in your configuration file. In addition to editing these values you are also able to lock and unlock them. The configuration editor also allows you to generate scripts based on the actions you take as well as search the file to see where values are being used.

UI Extensions - UI Extension modules allow you to manage existing features through IIS Manager.

  • The FastCGI module allows you to manage your FastCGI settings.
  • The two ASP.NET modules allow you to manage your authorization and custom errors settings.
  • Finally the HTTP Request Filtering allows you to setup rules for http request filtering.

x64 Admin Pack @

x86 Admin Pack @

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