Palm Treo Pro now available at

side by side The Windows Mobile CDMA version of the Palm Treo Pro is now selling at  I have one on the way and it will be here tomorrow.  I plan to switch from my Palm Treo 800w to the Treo Pro to gain the additional battery life.  What else am I looking forward to?

Probably the biggest change I will see between the 800w and the Pro is the addition of the new version of Internet Explorer.  Or at least that is my understanding.  With such a small screen, I’m not sure how much benefit I’ll get from being able to use touch for scrolling in IE, but I’ll know soon enough. 

Now the real question is what to let my wife have?  She’s interested in moving to a smartphone style device so she can have access to her email on the go.  Considering she talks on the phone more than I do, the Treo 800w might not be a good fit for her.  That and she probably won’t like the blue color.  It’s such a boy color.  Then again she may not like the glossy black of the Treo Pro.  Lets hope.  Grin.

Comments (2)

  1. Jordan says:

    Im holding out for the Palm Pre and crossing my fingers that its as good as its hyped to be.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    I wish I could get a good deal on the Pre.  The Treo Pro deal I got was too good to pass up.

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