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windows7_bloglogo I’m sure many of you read the blog by the Windows 7 product group and early this morning they posted an extremely interesting article about the Release Candidate (RC) milestone changes that are coming.  Here is an excerpt from the beginning of the article:

The theme of “choice and control” has been applied in many aspects of how we have designed Windows 7. We’ve certainly received lots of positive feedback about the theme and about the choices we’ve made in the design, and we’ve also received a few suggestions for how we might continue to implement this theme in the future. We’ve received feedback for features that should be even more customizable (such as Explorer or the logon screen) or features that should be added to Windows (such as a PDF format reader, security tools, or disk utilities). And we’ve received feedback that some users might prefer to run Windows without certain features. This post is about a point of choice and control in the Windows 7 control panel called “Windows Features” which is where you can choose to turn various features of Windows on or off. This continues our discussion of changes we have made based on feedback from the Beta as we progress to the Release Candidate. This post is by Jack Mayo who is the group program manager for our Documents and Printing team and also worked on Internet Explorer 8.Steven

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  1. BIOS says:

    I am really not sure, if this a bliss or another pain. But with the addition of the same feature in windows vista, we have certainly had more issue with the list not show anything at all (blank list). and more issues with .net framework. which in windows xp we could uninstall and re-install manually. the same does not seem to fix many issues with windows vista when it comes to .net framework. i did witness issues with .net framework with the error 1935 and the only fix was to re-install the OS. I hope this will be fixed in windows 7.

  2. Jordan says:

    This is a step in the right direction, but i’d like to see the option to basically remove or add these packages pre-install from a WIM file so sys admins could strip images way down and reduce the needed amount of storage, and attack surface.

  3. says:

    i will like test windows 2007 i have the key bout be you can not downlod the iso img how can i test it to see if will like it

  4. Anders says:

    Good news.

    To Jordan:

    With vLite (coming soon to Windows 7) you can strip down the WIM file and save space.

  5. Jose M. Benitez says:

    Now I have another problem and I am hoping you once again render your help to me. When I attempt to open Windows Internet Explorer my computer will not allow me to do it. A box pops up and I send a report to microsoft. Sometimes it will let me in and then it will not. Can you please help me with this problem and/or guide through the proper procedures so that I can fix this problem? I thank you in advance and wish you a very good day.

  6. Jane Whitney says:

    How do I turn window features on and off

  7. Jane Whitney says:

    How do I turn window features on and off

  8. Jordan says:


    I dropped using nlite for XP because it created terrible instabilities (yes, even when ripping properly) so i didnt even try it with Vista.

    I don’t think that Vlite is such a good option for many thousands of machines at the enterprise level.

  9. bill says:

    It seems many of the problems people had with Vista were look and feel related.  Windows 7 doesn’t seem to address this at all in the build that I have.  It’s basically the same old Vista.

    Will this feature (or a subsequent one) bring about the opportunity to let Windows 7 look and feel like XP, which is what seem to be hearing people want?

  10. Keith Combs says:


    I think you are going to find the new UI isn’t hard to get used to.  I would wait until we make the Release Candidate (RC) available to the public before making any judgments.

    I’ve been running Windows Vista for three years now.  I still keep a Windows XP image around to compare the UI, performance, etc. I think you are going to like Windows 7.

    The Win7 RC will be out before the Win7 beta expires so hang tight.  It’s coming.

  11. Keith Combs says:


    Did you activate the Windows 7 beta? Activation should fix matters if it’s one of those "windows is not genuine" errors.

    If you are already activated, let me know.  

  12. Hadi says:

    after hibernate windows stop working…

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