Windows 7 Springboard Roundtable Series Today

springboard Join Mark Russinovich and a panel of subject matter experts for a live discussion of what's in store for IT pros with Windows® 7. Learn about the evolution of features like Group Policy, BitLocker To Go™, DirectAccess, BranchCache™, and AppLocker™ then get tips on troubleshooting, deployment, and application compatibility. Bring your questions—Mark and the panel will answer as many as they can during the hour-long event, then publish the rest in a Q&A after the event.

Date: Thursday, February 12th
Time: 11:00am Pacific Time


As part of the “virtual” experience, you may submit your questions about Windows 7 Beta to the panel live during the event—or submit questions in advance to

Comments (5)

  1. Jurgenschulze says:

    As a constant Windows OS user, I am getting rather tired of the prospect of Windows 7 coming along soon. For years, XP was experimented with, and when it eventually came to a point that things were working, Vista bounced in, requiring substantial investments in new Third Party programs (such as Adobe) that took a while (in spite of its claims) to work with Vista. There are still so many bugs and hick-ups in Vista that have not been cured, so why now the hype about Windows 7? What we’ll get is another program that will only function in part, require constant fixes and updates – another deju vue experience. Frankly, what I as a user want is an OS that is reliable, stable, compatible with TP programs, and works. That would also make me a satisfied customer. Presently, I just dread the thought of a change to Windows 7, and cannot really get excited about the prospect.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Tired?  Already?  This is a marathon and the start gun hasn’t even gone off.

  3. Jordan says:

    Its been a hair over 2 years since Vista released. Well over a year since ive been using Vista exclusively on my production machine, and over 9 months since i deployed ~400 vista machines at a new site.

    I’ve still yet to find even 1/100th of the bugs that people swear exist.

    Having said that, there have been a couple "WTF" moments when using Vista, but they usually arent hard to fix.

    I’m looking very forward to Windows 7, but not in any way because Vista was a bad product.

  4. SgtBakeNutz says:

    insert Borat voice here…

    This is my neighbor geek man…he is pains in my porthole.

    I get an OS called XP…he must get an OS called a XP.

    I change to a Vista…he can not afford hardware upgrade…

    great success.

  5. paul says:

    Anyone havinbg problems accessing their Standalone Network Drives?  I have the Vantec LX Network/FTP Hard Drive Enclosure which I cannot access using Windows 7 although it worked fine in XP and Vista.

    Sure would like to get access to it again.  I can see it in my Network but cannot access it or FTP into it.

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