Valentines Day is coming – IT Pro gift ideas

I would imagine Ferrari’s aren’t selling very well right now, but hey, dreams are free.  Click the pic above for the Ferrari California website, configurator, wallpapers, etc.

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  1. They are selling, believe me!!!

  2. Down and out says:

    Is it appropriate to be posting pictures of wished for expensive automobiles in the current economic climate?

    I think not.

  3. Keith Combs says:

    Dear Down and Out,

    I will never be able to afford one, no matter what economic climate.  So yes, a car enthusiast should be able to appreciate a Ferrari any time.

    If you want to be upset, be upset over

    The reason I posted this to start with is because I was watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off which has a replica 1961 Ferrari 250 GT in it.  After looking up some information I discovered the new California website.  Looks like a pretty cool car to me.

  4. Peder Vendelbo Mikkelsen says:

    Although i am single i have been thinking about a Valentines present for myself.

    Sometimes i play as a DJ at parties at work or for friends, and Numark has just released a MIDI-based controller for MixMeister Fusion DJ software:

    Shiny hardware with blinkenlights in different colours and everything, and the reviews seem positive even though its too big to fit in a 19" rack.

    I have used the software with a laptop for a couple of years and it works really well after a bit of practising.

    If you have 2 soundcards you can "preview" the next song when playing live (i like the sound from M-Audios USB-based soundcards, they sound way better than the integrated sound-chip in a laptop and have less distortion when connected to a PA-system).

    Basic demonstration of the hardware:

    Live playing:

    Get a trial of the software here:

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