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Here’s another video test with some high bit rate video.  The video data rate is just over 6MB so your internet connection is going to need to be pretty fat to play these back without stuttering or buffering.  On the Silverlight 2 Standard Player with the controls that are always displayed, you’ll notice two indicators on the progress bar.  One for playback and one for the progress of the download.  If playback is always catching up with the download progress and buffing, it will be visually apparent there.  You can click pause and let the download continue for a while, then playback should be better.

Silverlight 2 Standard Player

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Black Glass Player

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Comments (4)

  1. The Dave says:

    I find it interesting that both of these stutter on my laptop, whereas VideoLAN can play 1080i video downscaled to 1280×800 or full view (cropped), as well as playing four scaled 1080i videos simultaneously with the players tiled (and again obviously down-scaling)

    Bandwidth isn’t an issue here, the videos were buffered well in advance.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    If you can download and run, then it’s bandwidth.

    If it doesn’t run locally, it’s your computer.

  3. The Dave says:

    Oddly, no.  It’s something specific to the Silverlight player, and it’s not just my laptop, the same thing happens on my desktop too, which is a fair sight more powerful then my laptop.

    6300Kbps is in the filename, my math says it’s only about 6.1Mb/s.  The streaming indicator is staying ahead of where the video is playing.  I’m on a 9.7Mb/s connection (I get a full 10Mb/s, but I QoS down to 9.7Mb to stabilize the link for VoIP traffic), and am getting a full 9.7Mb/s using wget to download the video (one thread) — I’m actually impressed at your bandwidth, few sites can deliver over 9Mb/s with a single TCP stream.

    I took the WMV file and got four copies playing at once across my three monitors, two full screen, one at 1920x and one at 1440x, and two more at 1:1 ratios with one overlapping the other on my main monitor.  I was able to get a fifth playing, but any background activity at all caused them all to stutter, and I’ve got four Vista VMs in the background right now that are running some QA test labs.  Four copies runs nicely.

    With Silverlight in the foreground, it’s not peaking even one of my quad cores, nor maxing out any resources that I can see.  Even after it plays once when I scroll back and start over (which should cache, taking bandwidth out of the equation) it still stutters.

    On the other hand, if the game is half as good as that trailer, I think you just sold a copy — I just bought an Xbox360 less the a month ago and was torn between buying Halo 3 or not, so I think that counts for something 🙂


  4. Keith Combs says:

    Good feedback Dave.  I probably need to double check the video is VC-1 Silverlight compatible.

    Oh, and enjoy Halo 3.  It rocks.

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