TechNet Plus Subscribers – Windows 7 Feedback invitation

windows7_bloglogo If you are a TechNet Plus subscriber, you may have noticed after downloading and installing the Windows 7 Beta that the “Send Feedback” link mechanism wasn’t working.  I spotted this on Saturday and have been working on getting it fixed for you ever since.

I am happy to say it’s now resolved.  It’s pretty simple.  Go to the TechNet Plus Subscriber Homepage.  You’ll see the following section as the top bullet on that page.  Only TechNet Plus subscribers can get to this secure webpage.

Give us feedback on the Windows 7 Beta!

As an TechNet subscriber you have the ability to register with Microsoft Connect to track the status of bugs you report. You will also be able to search, view and vote on bugs other TechNet subscribers have filed.

To register on Connect, please click here. This will enroll you into the TechNet Bug Filing Program. Once you are enrolled in the program you may file bugs using any “send feedback” link in the product and access your feedback tracking page directly from this link.

Click the link on that section that says “please click here”.  It contains your invitation to link your Live ID to the feedback reporting process.  After successfully completing the invitation and having this added to your directory at, you should be able to use the links in Windows 7.  Enjoy!!!

Comments (3)

  1. Yanze says:

    Thanks, the sending of the feedback now works!

    But when I click the link to see my feedback on Connect, I get a page not exist at Connect.

  2. Keith Combs says:


    You logged into then clicked the link at the top to YOUR DASHBOARD ??  From there you should see all of the connections you are signed up for.

    You are looking for "MSDN and TechNet Bug Submission" which is also  Once you’re there, click the Feedback link in the nav area on the left.

  3. Wouter Drijfhout says:

    It’s nice to add feedback this way, if Windows 7 is running.

    How do you give feedback when it runs, but you can’t login?

    For example, if Embedded Security for HP Protecttools ( is installed on Vista and you upgrade to Windows 7. The whole upgrade goes fine, but you can’t login anymore in Windows 7 (has something to do with the TPM chip).

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