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  1. David Varney says:

    So far, Win7 is great! lots of stuff to like, found my high end hardware etc. did updates and LIVE Essentials, Hummin…….time will tell…..still need a Product Key before the 2.5 million are gone…. I don’t need to test this every 30 days….again, I really like the what I see so far…Key Please!!!!

    Dave in T.O.

  2. Penheaded says:

    Have installed the beta of Win7 and have been quite satisfied with the performance. Have a slight problem with the "Sleep" state not being available. The BIOS is configured properly and Win7 installed the video driver (attempts at updating the driver simply give me the answer that the appropriate driver is loaded).

    Plan on walking back my installations through a series of progressively decreasing performance machines: Gotta test that netbook thing.

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