Windows 7 now available for download

TechNet Plus subscribers now have access to the Beta 1 release of Windows 7.  I am downloading the x64 .ISO right now.  Enjoy!!!


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  1. Larry says:

    Download started, but it won’t assign keys.  It just errors out…

  2. Brian Mastenbrook says:


    I’ve downloaded it but can’t get a product key. All I get is the error I’ve pasted below. I’ve tried on multiple computers after clearing out cookies & cache. A few other subscribers have reported the same issue on the TechNet newsgroups. I was able to obtain a key for Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Beta without issue. As much as I’m looking forward to digging in to all the new stuff in R2, I’d like to be able to get at the Windows 7 Beta too. Any ideas?

    An Error Has Occurred

    There was an error error while trying to retrieve requsted key information and we cannot process your request.

    You can try to:

       * Close your browser and retry the operation again in a few minutes.

       * Contact Support

       * Read the On-Line Self Help

    Reference Id: F6DFD55D

    This error has been logged with the reference number noted above. Please use this reference number if you contact support.

  3. Keith Combs says:


    I hit the same issues last night, although I was trying to grab a key for Office 2007. So this in not limited to Windows 7.

    All comments from my blog come to me in the form of email messages and I forwarded Brian’s comment directly to the TechNet team responsible for looking into the problem.  They are on the case so hopefully things will be resolved soon.

    It does appear to be intermittent.  I was able to get the Win7 and Office 2007 keys displayed a few minutes ago.

  4. Keith Combs says:

    One more thing… plugging in a key for Windows 7 (like Windows Vista) is not required at installation time so don’t worry about it too much.

    You have 30 days to plug in a key before you have to re-arm another 30 day time bomb.

    To you have lots of time getting a key and activating.  I activated this morning and Win7 is my new production OS.  My fav new feature is the progress indicator on the task bar when you are doing a massive file copy and Explorer is minimized.  That ROCKS !!!

  5. Brian Mastenbrook says:


    Thanks for following up on this! For some reason I was expecting it to ask me for a key at installation time. I’ve got my a external hard drive all cleared off and ready to get both Windows 7 and 2008 R2. I’m looking forward to seeing all of these changes but to be honest the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is trying out PowerShell 2.0 in the Windows 7 / 2008 R2 environment 🙂

  6. David Reller says:

    Now, where is that person who questioned the value of a TechNet Plus subscription and was talking of not renewing…. 😉

    I’m hoping to install this to a VM this weekend.  You know, while the wife’s away, the geek will play.

  7. John Couch says:

    Does anyone know if there is a set of remote administration tools that will work with this beta?  I tried the vista ones and it doesn’t work.



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