Mactopia adds a new IT Pro area

imageThe Microsoft Mac Business Unit has added a new area to their website to hold IT Pro related information.  I personally think the information belongs at but hey, it’s a start. 

See or click the pic at right to take you to the articles on planning, deploying and operations oriented information.

While we are on the subject, I have a question or two for you.  I’m putting together some interesting content on the management of Linux and Mac clients.

Is anyone even interested in managing Apple desktops?  If so, are you using any particular products to manage those desktops?  I am testing some tools from Centrify and Quest at the moment.  By management, I mean the control of desktop settings, security, software dist and update, etc.

From the standpoint of interoperating with Windows, are you Mac users interested in authenticating Mac desktops via Windows Server Active Directory?

Or is your company or schools Mac environment a total free-for-all today?

See more Mac related announcements in today's Macworld press release.

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  1. Rob says:

    I am very much interested in controlling Macs on the network.  It’s a free-for-all right now and I would really like to get the scoop on Centrify and Quest.  u da bomb!

  2. Jordan says:

    We are actually looking at our Directory Services plan right now and its currently a free for all.

    We are looking at both of the companies you mentioned for "that side" of the administration aspect. I’m very interested in seeing what info you publish on this topic.

    Are you gonna be at AngelBeat – Knoxville again this year?

  3. Greg Lambert says:

    Going to Microsoft for Mac admin tips? 😉 It’s like hitting the Apple Discussion boards for Exchange administration.

    Oh, and it’s nice to see Microsoft relax a bit on Windows-only features of SharePoint and Outlook.

  4. John C. Welch says:

    The reason it’s not on Technet is that for Mac IT people, Technet is of little use. So it’s where it will do the most good.

    Oh, and it’s not new either. Been there for a while.

  5. Keith Combs says:

    Anytime we’re talking about management of corporate desktops, it belongs on  It should be one stop shopping there.  My opinion.

    I didn’t really know if it was technically new or not.  It was new to me, and I figured a lot of my readers.  I have been properly flogged.  :?)

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