Is this your favorite time of year?

It’s always interesting to me that right after Christmas, the consumer electronics makers roll out their next generation models.  While this is great for your inner nerd, it may not be so great if you just dropped a wad of cash on electronics over the holidays.  It’s almost insulting.

hpmini2140Smart buyers are used to this cycle and know just after CES the retailers will start discounting and clearing their inventory of high def TV’s in anticipation of the new model arrivals this summer.  Heck, CES hasn’t even started and have you seen the sheer number of announcements in the past 48 hours?  Mind boggling.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Robbie Bach (President of our Entertainment and Devices Division) are keynoting CES 2009 tomorrow night so I would imagine they’ll have a few things up their sleeve as well.

While we’re on the subject, any of you buying the new small form factor notebooks/netbooks like the HP 2140 pictured at right?

It seems there is a huge push by all of the OEMs to add all sorts of small laptops.  Dell has the Inspiron Mini.  Lenovo has the IdeaPad S Series.  HP has the Mini series or machines as well.  And lets not forget the ASUS Eee PC

I have to wonder how these devices are selling.  If I was still in college I have no doubt I would be using a smaller machine than what I typically use now.  I think a 13” or 14” screen is about right.  Not too small and not to big and heavy either.  But 7, 8, 10 or 12 inches?  How many hours would you want to use a screen like that?

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  1. Robert says:

    I bought my wife a mini 9 for her Dec birthday and she absolutly loves it.  It’s fast, light and convienent.  She uses it all over the house, takes it shopping, keeps it in her purse, etc…

  2. Paul Molina says:

    How well does a mini dock?  Can you take it to your dorm room/hoffice and plug it into your big 24 inches?

  3. mtvedten says:

    I got myself a Acer 8,9" and it’s actually my only personal home computer (besides my HP Home Server of course). I use it for everything non work related and it hooks up pretty nice to my 24” monitor at 1920×1200. After a few tweaks, including EWF from the XP Embedded Service Pack, it’s lightning fast! And I can almost put it in my pocket and I take it anywhere. Here in Norway these small computers are pretty common sight now a day.

    BTW – Happy new year from Oslo, Norway.

  4. Per says:

    I’ve been using a Fujitsu Siemens with a 10" monitor for four years now (how many hours is that?) and I absolutely love that size. I use it mainly for browsing the web, reading email and so on.

    It’s about time to replace that machine now since it’s about to give up and I would not consider anything larger than what I have now.

  5. Keith Combs says:

    Thanks Per.  Without getting too personal, do you have pretty good eye sight?  I know in my case I’ve always had poor vision (near sighted).

    And now I have graduated to needing graduated lenses so I can correct near and far.  

    I actually have a pair of high tech contacts on order that recently came out for us stigmatism folks.  We’ll see if graduated contacts work for me.  Hope so.

  6. Per says:

    Yes, my eyes are perfect actually.

    But I can see the problem with high resolutions on smaller screens if you have impaired vision and since I’ve never really liked using large fonts, I hope my eyes will stay fine for a few years more.

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