Next DFW IT Pro Users Group Meeting on 1/7 – Windows Server 2008 R2

Come learn about the great new features in Windows Server 2008 R2 with a focus on the benefits for IT Administrators. This session will cover many new features included in Windows Server 2008 R2 that improve the cost of ownership and IT administrator improvements. This overview session will cover the improvements to Active Directory, Windows…


Old Man Winter arrives in Texas for Christmas

It’s going to be interesting tomorrow on the streets in Dallas.  I’ll probably make a couple of errands first thing in the morning then hunker down for a snow ball fight.  Merry Christmas everyone !!!


Tell your story, get votes, win a HP Envy 15 ? Windows @ Work Contest

Submit an entry about your Windows 7 experiences and thoughts to the community. What are you looking forward to in Windows 7? Share a business or personal success, or cool and innovative feature. Your fellow community members will vote, so may the best story win. Prizes: 1st place – HP Envy 15 Laptop; 2nd place…


Selecting the Right Virtualization Technology – R2 IPD Guide now available

Selecting the Right Virtualization Technology – this guide enables you to rapidly and accurately select which Microsoft virtualization technology or technologies to use for specific scenarios. There are several different forms of virtualization that need to be understood as a basis for making the right technology choice. This guide addresses the decision steps that need…


LAST CALL for a 28% discount on a TechNet Subscription – use code TMSAM07

If you are an IT Pro, you’d be crazy not to have a TechNet Plus Direct subscription.  It’s a great way to test and use the latest and greatest products from Microsoft including full versions of Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Office 2010 and other great products. This deal expires on 12/31/2009 but our…


Windows 7 AVATAR theme – now available for download

  Go get it @  See more themes @


My personal Lenovo ThinkPad T61p is FOR SALE !!!

Want a great Lenovo ThinkPad?  The T61p is still the machine to be beat in many ways and offers a stellar balance between form, function, power and battery life.  The machine I have for sale is the T61p I purchased out of my own pocket a couple of years ago.  I used it for the…


Miss the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows 7 ?

My wife was just commenting to me this morning that she needs some veteran help with Windows 7.  I already know some of what she’s going to ask me.  She’s going to ask me about desktop real estate, and the precious real estate on the Windows 7 taskbar. This is primarily because she is using…


Who is pulling the trigger on the Dell Vostro v13 ?

I don’t often look over the fence at the Dell offerings with any sort of lust, but you have to admit the dudes at Dell are cranking out some interesting tech.  The Adamo line is pretty interesting.  This is especially true for the Dell Adamo XPS.  Unbelievably thin.  But that cool thinness comes with a…