Who was on the nice list?

Anyone out there get a great Lego set or something for Christmas?  No, I didn't get my Ferrari.  Of course it would be silly for me to own one anyway.  My CIVIC Coupe will be two years old in March of 2009.  It will still have fewer miles than what most people drive in a year.  I wonder what the average mileage is for a typical worker now.  I'm sure the number has come down some with telecommunications and home office arrangements.

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  1. My employer gave out the Lego Technic 8297 (Off-roader) to all its 1100 employees.

    Great fun!

  2. Charles Van Heusen says:

    We got 3 Lego sets this year.  One Indiana Jones set and two of the Star Wars themed sets.  They’ve really come a long ways since we were kids.

    I’m just glad they didn’t create Lego’s Pink slips for this season.

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