I’m back from Hawaiian Time

image Hawaiian time is interesting.  If you’ve ever been to the islands there, you know what I mean.  You can barely drive a car over 30 miles per hour.  You day starts at sun up, and you feel like you’re running late.  It is after all 10 or 11am according to your body clock.  The waves and Mai Tai’s sooth your spirit. 

I’m getting ready to head to the west coast again tomorrow for a TechDays event.  After that I’ll post some footage from the long desired helicopter tour I took.  It was totally rad.  Expensive but well worth every penny.  I’ll also write about the island we visited and some of the activities. 

In the meantime,  checkout some of the video clips at http://www.bluehawaiian.com/kauai/video/.  I was sitting in the front right seat.  Shootgun!  My honey was the co-pilot in the middle next to the pilot.

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  1. Tomasz Kawka says:

    Indeed, the tour is expensive but well worth every penny!! A couple of years ago I took the same bluehwaiian helicopter tour and it was great even i was sitting in the middle on the back seat ;-)…

    Anyway, thank you for a nice presentation today (Nov. 13) abut Virtualization

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