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Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 Workflow solution delivers highly flexible tools like InfoPath Forms Services for data collection and workflow interaction and SharePoint® Designer for easy workflow design and customization including robust out of the box features to enable the rapid deploy solutions across the enterprise.

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Records Management

Microsoft delivers a records management platform that can be extended to every information worker. By viewing retention and records management as a component of the overall document lifecycle, organizations can reduce risk and improve compliance with increased adoption of records management practices.

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Document Management

Microsoft delivers an integrated solution that extends document management to all employees. By recognizing that a document’s lifecycle begins the moment it is created and does not end until it is destroyed, organizations can achieve wide adoption and enforcement of enterprise standards, resulting in decreased management costs and reduced corporate risk.

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Web Content Management (WCM)

Microsoft delivers a WCM solution that combines the rich features of a traditional content management system with a unified, enterprise WCM platform—all delivered with the usability of Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007.

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