We are giving away a Lenovo ThinkPad T61p

t61pRight now I am installing Windows Vista Ultimate x64 on a Lenovo ThinkPad T61p.  I’ll add all of the drivers, service packs and fixes, verify it works properly on my network, etc.

Then we are going to give it away on or about December 19th, 2008.  Just call me Keith “Santa Claus” Combs.  Matt's the Elf.  Ho Ho Ho.

What’s the catch? 

Well, Matt Hester and I will be announcing all of the details very soon on our blogs so stay tuned. Matt will be the keeper of the official rules, status, etc.  In the meantime, you can lust over the following specs of the machine we are giving away. 

It’s a Lenovo ThinkPad T61p model 6458-F55.  This particular model is a Microsoft specific SKU but it includes the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T9300, 4GB of RAM, 160GB 7200rpm hard drive, 15.4" WSXGA+ (1680x1050), 200 nits, 16:10 aspect ratio, 500:1 contrast ratio wide screen display, internal Ultrabay DVD burner, NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 570M, PCI Express® x16, 256MB memory video chipset, Mobile Intel PM965 Express Chipset, 9 cell extended life battery, and has three USB 2.0 ports, IEEE 1394 firewire port, a PCMCIA slot, an ExpressCard slot and fingerprint reader.

In short, one killer machine.  Sorry, I’m all out of 4GB SoDIMM sticks so I won’t be giving it away loaded with 8GB of RAM. 

Sound good?  Oh, and that’s not all.  We are also giving away a 60GB XBOX 360.  Is that kewl or what?  Oh, we aren’t stopping there.  We’re also giving away a 120GB Zune.  And a 8GB Zune.  Sound good now?

And if you don’t qualify for this first round and win, I’m going to build another brand new machine and give it away early next year.  And we have another XBOX and Zunes for that contest as well.  Assuming of course you can pry all of these goodies from my cold dead hands.  Grin. 

Stay tuned for more details… coming very soon.

Comments (4)

  1. Brandon says:

    Whoa, free laptop that has to be better than mine! I’m exited. I bet CPU intensive operations like Least Squares (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Least_squares) and Matlab will go quite a bit quicker. with a T9300.

    I’m entering, however that may work.

  2. SkeeteRX8 says:

    Nice!!!!…..similar specs to my T61p. I’m upgrading the proc to a T9300!

  3. Brandon says:

    No, darn.

    I’m an Engineering student at The Ohio State University, and a computer enthusiast, and the system admin intern that emailed you about technet this summer ;).

    Oh well, good luck to all who can enter 😛

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