Looking for your best virtualization bet?


Think you should get the value of virtualization without a high cost? Microsoft does. Microsoft Virtualization offers a lower TCO, fast time to value, a reduction in system complexity, and a strong partner ecosystem.

See the interesting domain @ http://www.vmwarecostswaytoomuch.com/

Comments (4)

  1. Jordan says:

    That is possibly the ugliest website ever.

    Although i do think its going to get nasty in the virtualization market with MS so heavily attacking VMWare.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Yea, it’s pretty ugly. I am not a bog fan of the colors but it’s the color of the season I guess.

    And the messaging really isn’t my style but sometimes it just makes sense for me to pass along the information and let you judge if it’s valuable.  

    I think the real bottom line here is that the market is maturing and with that comes more choice you have.  We’ll be releasing SCVMM 2008 so that will add to the list of technologies you’ll probably want to kick the tires with.

  3. Milan says:

    Honestly i was expecting all kinds of adsence to pop up on it, or is it my FF blocking it 🙂

    Althoug i love hyper-v and cant wait for the server finnaly to get released

  4. Rob says:

    Look at the bottom of the site:

    "This site Hosted for Microsoft by Wexley School for Girls LLC. "

    For some reason I find that funny… 🙂

    I’ve used 3 of the big virtualization programs (in a production environment) and I greatly prefer Microsoft’s.  Much easier to administer and face it, that’s about the only bullet that really matters (at least to an admin).  I even had Virtual Server running on an IXS blade on an IBM iSeries for awhile.  That’s two levels of virtualization!

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