I am not the target audience

It always amazes me at the “diversity” of opinion on all matters inside and outside my company.  As you might imagine, not only do we scrutinize what our competitors are up to, but we are world class at criticizing ourselves.  The new ad campaign is no exception. 

I started to see people write, “I don’t get it.”  This was mainly after the “Shoe Circus” commercial.  I also started to see a lot of comments that we aren’t the target audience (referring to Microsoft employees).  Huh?  Now I don’t get that.  What does it mean when someone says they aren’t the target audience?

ImAPC As far as I’m concerned, I AM the target audience.  In fact, IT Pros are the target audience.  Developers are the target audience.  Marketing is the target audience.  My family is the target audience.  Everyone on this planet is the target audience.

Marketing and advertising is an interesting science and art.  I love how it tugs at your emotions.  The “I’m a PC” commercials do a great job of taking the tagline and showing the diversity of computer users.  And by computer users I mean Windows computers, Mac computers, Linux computers, mobile devices, planes trains and automobiles.

There’s plenty of business for everyone and I don’t think it needs to be an either or zero sum proposition.  One thing I do like about the “I am a PC” ads, it’s a really polite way of telling Apple to stick it.  It’s ok to be a PC.  PC people do kewl stuff, too.

I am a PC.

I am the target audience.

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