The Pizza Box is coming – Dell Precision M6400 “laptop” details emerge


Someone sent me an anonymous email with a link to the specs for the Dell Precision M6400.  What was the snitches name in Watergate?  It feels like that.  Kinda cool. 

Anyway, you’ll want to grab the .PDF file at Dell's download area.

As you can see in the brochure, it comes with a variety of 17” screens to suite your needs and budget, fast video card choices, dual hard drives plus a DVD burner.  I was surprised they don’t list a Blu-ray player or burner.  Maybe that’s an oversight.

As expected, you can get the machine with the Quad Core QX9300 and 16GB of memory for your high hat computing needs.

It’s wrapped in a cool case with all sorts of ports for display, USB, IEEE 1394, and my personal fav, eSATA. 

This baby isn’t exactly a “laptop”.  Starting at 8.54 pounds, it isn’t going to be fun toting to your college class across campus, but for the folks that need to do some serious number crunching at home, it certainly falls into the “luggable” category.  I’m not sure I’d want to carry it around in a backpack so this will likely be one of those machines for a roll-a-board.

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  1. tinman says:

    That… is my next laptop.

    Of course, you’d have to sell the house to buy it, so I might stick to my current one right now 😉

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Yea, I’m guessing the RAID, QUAD, and 16GB isn’t going to come cheap.  Probably the same price as my CIVIC.

  3. viral tarpara says:

    finally the perfect modern AND portal demo machine 🙂

  4. just ordered one….i’ll try to post a review once i get it..


    2.53 dual-core

    8 gigs ram

    vista 64

    quadro 3700

    upgraded screen

    160gb drive

    camera, bluetooth…

    free 19 in. screen included..

    all for $3,500.  student discount helped, but if you want one call will get ripped off if you order online.

  5. so this beast finally are my thoughts.

    the quality of laptop is about 9/10, very solid metal case and the lid/screen doesnt have very much play in the closed position.  all the ports and dvd drive are nicely placed taking the thing out of my backpack wont screw anything up.  nice design for a dell, very clean, but i wish it came in brushed metal rather than this sand blasted look.

    performance i would rate 9/10 simply because i didnt upgrade to the quad core.  although i had a few blue screens during the first couple boots, a downloaded a driver that fixed the issue.

    pretty sure i got screwed on the bluetooth, i though i ordered it but didnt get it.  i dont rate dell customer service very high.  

    The screen is great, although i wish i got the rgb backlit one now.  i dont like glossy screens so maybe this one is better after all.

    the fans are not very noisy, in fact i dont even notice them most of the time.  i can hear them when they come on full blow, but it is not distracting.

    the machine flys, i run 3ds max, rhino, maya, autocad, photoshop cs4 is great with the gpu accel.

    wish there was some sorta fun webcam program like the mac has, but all well, this is dell afterall.  i didnt buy it for looks, but it doesnt look bad.  it is a great utility laptop/desktop replacement.  the keyboard looks kind of flimsy but it feels firm, no complaints from me there.  

    i wish dell wouldnt make me get the nvidia drivers from them so i could use the cad and max performance drivers from nvidia.

    overall, i give it an 8/10.  great performance, but i dont like untouchable dell bios and graphic card drivers.  i have a dual processor workstation with two 3.06 dual cores that i only use as a dedicated renderer now becuase the laptop feels just as fast for working on models.

    no regrets, love the machine, good price for not having much competition on 8 gig capable laptops.

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