A Cray Supercomputer In Every Home

CrayCX1I think everyone should have sixteen Quad Core Xeon processors in their personal supercomputer, don’t you?  I mean come on, think of the lunar rover simulations you could run.  And don’t worry about memory starvation in the middle of your oil explorations.  This baby handles 512GB of memory.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Cray CX1 is your next home heater and general purpose supercomputer.  All joking aside, this is one serious box and should be a great offering for those of you into this type of research.

See http://www.cray.com/Products/CX1/Product/Technology.aspx for the main product page.

The flash demo at http://www.cray.com/Assets/Demos/cx1/index.html is pretty impressive.

And for you supercomputing nerds, be sure to checkout the specs in the brochure at http://www.cray.com/Assets/PDF/products/cx1/CX1_brochure.pdf.  One thing that caught my eye was the power supply(s) for this machine.  I think you are going to need a supercomputer to calculate the power consumption and future electricity bill from the city.  I’m sure Giovanni Marchetti already has one on order.

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