Want to be a Windows Guru ???


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  1. Jordan says:

    I think im certainly qualified for this. Heck i just rolled out nearly 600 new Vista machines at a new site.

    Problem is i dont want to give up my 9-5, and they arent doing it where i live.

    If they did it for Part time and offered it everywhere, id be game.

  2. Stephen Sutton says:

    I would expect the title of Guru would command a better wage.


  3. Keith Combs says:

    What is the normal pay for retail head count in BestBuy, Circuit City, etc. ???

  4. Jordan says:

    20+ hour isnt good pay?

    Most desktop admins around this area dont make that much, and the Apple Geni’ make about 10/hour.

    20 is probably overpay around here, but its probably pretty decent pay in CA and NY for being a retail job.

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