Anyone running out to buy the new iPod Touch?


The Apple 8GB iPod Touch is $229, the 16GB is $299 and the 32GB is $399.  Those are the prices at the Apple Store.  Anyone running out to buy one? Somebody wake me up when the 32GB is discounted to $299 (at least). 

You can get a new generation 120GB Archos player for $399 and although that isn’t exactly cheep, it does store many more movies.

While we’re on the subject, why not go ahead and get the new Zune 120 for $249?  Now there’s a deal.  I just wish we’d bump the screen size a little larger and wider.

And next week we start rolling out a bunch of new features in the Zune 3.0 software release.  Here are some of the goodies coming:

More Ways to Discover Music: Channels and Picks

The new Zune software update taps expert sources, recommendations from the Zune service and online music community, and the user’s own play data to create a dynamic, digital music experience where discovering music is easy and seamless.

  • Channels. Channels are an exciting new tool for music discovery. Customers can explore channels programmed by experts from the music industry such as the Billboard Top 100, The FADER magazine and KEXP radio, in addition to workout-themed channels tailored for high, medium and low impact, and top chart channels from all genres and subgenres. The powerful Zune software will even create custom channels for each user, based on favorite artists and genres. Channels are included with a monthly Zune Pass subscription and can be synced to the device for playback on the go. For non-Zune Pass subscribers, the Channels are available for a la carte purchase.

  • Personal Picks. Now the Zune software learns what kind of music users like and makes personal recommendations. When users log onto Zune Marketplace, they’ll find a new area called Picks where the Zune recommendation algorithm will suggest artists, albums and tracks based on the music they have been listening to, as well as channels they might like and listeners like them in the Zune Social.

  • The Zune Social online music community. Customers can connect with millions of like-minded fans and share music via the Zune Card, a real-time playlist of each user’s favorite and recently played tracks that can be accessed on the Web or within the Zune software, or synced to the Zune device. Zune Pass subscribers can play full tracks from Zune Cards synced to their device while on the go, and now the playlists will even automatically update with the most recently played tracks when Zune connects to a wireless hot spot. It’s like subscribing to a free feed of music from the sources people trust most — their friends.

Powerful Software

The Zune PC software is a free download at that provides rich discovery and media management capabilities to help consumers make the most of their existing music collections, in addition to providing access to the Zune Social and Zune Marketplace so they can add to it.

  • Mixview. Customers can select an artist, album or Zune Card to activate a dynamic, visual mosaic of related music and listeners. With each click users can take the view in a new direction, creating a fun, graphical way to discover new music. Mixview works with users’ current collection of music, in addition to tracks and albums from across the Zune Marketplace.

  • Now Playing. The improved Now Playing view is more interactive and cinematic. Users can sit back and enjoy the combination of great artist imagery, colorful effects, bio information and data from the Zune online music community, all combined in a full-screen view. They can also click to dive deeper into the music behind the picture, providing another great way to interact with their collection.

Comments (11)

  1. Mauricio says:

    Now all that’s left is to start selling the Zune outside the US so that I can finally get one, in the meanwhile the iPod continues to be pretty much my only choice…

  2. Nicholas says:

    Can’t wait for the new software 🙂 Should be amazing.

  3. Keith Combs says:

    You aren’t going to have to wait much longer…  :?)

  4. Steven says:

    people don’t buy the ipod because of it’s features, they get because it’s cool and their friends have one.

    also in Australia I see iPhone/iPod adds all over the place, bus stops, tv, etc etc.   Zune?  unless you go ask for it in a shop you wouldn’t even now its for sale.

    I’d actually be curious to see in a survey how many people know what a zune is.

    wierdly the only thing that stops me having an iPod is that goddam aweful iTunes.  🙁

    The target for the ipod/zune just want to play music and videos, not try and understand the technology, and definitly not get into a feature comparison.  

  5. Keith Combs says:

    Somehow I don’t think many people are buying the iPod Touch because it’s cool and their friends have one.  The Nano or Shuffle maybe, but the Touch?

    Why does having to use iTunes become an issue?  You can still create your own audio and video rips.  Nothing says you HAVE to purchase from Apple.

  6. says:

    Zune is great … 🙂 but i buy iPod because Zune not available in Europe … that is fail

  7. Andrew says:

    Yes. Until the team on the Zune stops playing catch up and truly starts innovating the iPod and iPhone will continue to control their respective markets.  

  8. dovella says:


    I wait Zune in Italy

  9. Jarle Nygård says:

    I’d buy a 120GB Zune if it was available in Norway with a Zune Pass… 😉 Please Keith; tell them that I want a Zune over here in cold Norway. 🙂

  10. Jordan says:

    I would more than likely own an archos. But work gave me a 60GB Ipod video classic and I cant see spending my own money when it works fine. I dont tend to prefer apple products but free is free. 😉

  11. Rick Potts says:

    I’m not running out to buy any of them, my imported 30GB Zune seems to do it’s job very well and I like the new 3.0 features such as having Hexic to play on the go.

    However, if the 120GB Zune was available here in the UK I probably would run out and buy one, so long as it’s not rediculously overpriced like a lot of stuff in the UK.

    MS need to pull their finger out and release the player in Europe. I mean, do you seriously expect to compete with the ipod if you are only selling your device in the US and Canada?

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