How-To : Stay Warm in the Winter

Stay warm and tan.

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  1. Tim Barrett says:

    <monitor status="envy">Nice setup Keith. Thanks for kicking sand in the face of my dual-monitor setup. ;-)</monitor>

  2. Keith Combs says:

    LOL.  Yea, it’s overkill for sure.  It’s funny how this turned out.  

    I started with 4:3 aspect ratio 17” LCD panels like a lot of people.  Then I splurged on a Dell 20" Ultrasharp a few years back.  Then the Ultrasharp 24" on the left went on sale and I bought it.  I used the 20 and 24 for a couple of years together.  

    Ultimately I wanted to change the square monitor out and get another 24" widescreen.  I bought a 2408WFP on sale but hated it so I sent it back and got the cheap E248WFP.  It was just fine for what I wanted.  A decent 24" in a multimon config.  

    I only bought it because I wasn’t sure I’d get another big monitor out of Microsoft anytime soon.  But on the other hand, I haven’t asked Microsoft to buy me anything since I dumped my 17" CRT 7-8 years ago.  I save my asks for bigger ticket items.  

    Then along comes the work we’ve been doing the past few years with screencasting and videos.  I like doing that work but I don’t want to burn up a laptop, and I don’t think it’s right for me to use my personal workstation either.  I convinced my boss that from a productivity perspective, we should buy some desktop machines with Quad processors for people that do a lot of video editing.  Matt Hester ran some benchmarks and the number of hours you get back is pretty amazing.  So we purchased some machines with 27” monitors.  Might as well get the 27” since they were on sale (2707WFP) at the time of the quote.

    So here’s how my desk is setup.  The Dell 2407WFP 24” on the left is actually the best monitor of the three from a color, contrast and clarity perspective.  The 2407WFP is one of the best monitors Dell has ever made I think.  I have it connected to the new workstation via DVI on one port of the bad ass 3870 X2 you see in the other blog post.  It’s role is to display HDTV playback, video encoding monitor, Blu-ray playback, etc.  I usually have email up on it during the day because of the extreme clarity of that monitor.  It’s simply perfect.

    The 27” in the middle is the main console for my four port KVM switch.  It’s amazing what you can do when you become and effective juggler.  KVM’s are an obvious must when you are doing installs, big downloads, long encodes, etc.  Since the 27” is on the KVM, it is shared between the workstations and laptops I have.

    The 24” E248WFP on the right is connected to the other workstation I own and like the 24” on the left is usually a monitor for HDTV playback, DVD rips, encoding, DVD composition, personal email, etc.  

    Most of the stuff you see I paid for out of my own pocket.  Microsoft bought the 27” in the middle and it’s a recent acquisition.  Unless the precious 2407WFP breaks, I think I’m pretty well set for a while.  At least until I start building the raised floor data center out back.

    And you probably think I’m kidding…

  3. Gkeramidas says:

    i have 2 24’s and a 28. all 3 are connected to my main pc, the 24’s via dvi and the 28 via hdmi. then one 24 is connected to an 8 port switch box for my server and test pc and the 28 is connected to my test pc via dvi so i can use dual monitors on it.

    you’re right, they do give off a lot of heat.

  4. Steven Dorfmeister says:

    Hey buddy…what is that mouse pad you got under there? Mmmmm…that logo seems familiar for some reason…. 🙂


    ( or

  5. Keith Combs says:

    Yep, that’s an EDS mouse pad circa 1995.  I use them for protection on top of my speakers or machines when I lay stuff like an external hard drive enclosure on top.  Keeps the scratches down.

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