Put a Microsoft Technical Fellow on the Vista Hot Seat!

springboard Mark Russinovich has guts.  He’s been leading the charge with the Windows Vista Springboard series and doing a great job.  But the most fascinating part of the series is coming up in my opinion. 

The next part of the Springboard Series Virtual Roundtable will be on Windows Vista performance.  Windows performance is always the subject of heavy scrutiny.  It has been since the Windows 3.0 days.  Windows Vista is certainly no exception and with all of the subsystems that are part of the overall OS, building and running a lean and mean Vista machine is part art, part science.

So why not learn about some of the science from the under-the-covers master, Mark Russinovich and friends?  I know you folks are really busy but I think this would be a really good  use of your time.  Here are the details: 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
9:00am Pacific Standard Time

On the day of the event at the time above, head on over to HTTPS://MS.ISTREAMPLANET.COM/SPRINGBOARD.  Submit your performance questions live during the event or send them in advance to vrtable@microsoft.com. See you there.

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