Application Virtualization (App-V) RTMs !!!

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) version 4.5 has been released to manufacturing. Formerly known as SoftGrid, App-V 4.5 is the first Microsoft-branded release of the product. It includes new capabilities designed to help IT support large-scale virtualization implementations across many sites and provides multiple delivery options including over-the-Internet application availability to meet your business needs. Newly added international support for eleven new languages enables your users to work in localized environments with localized applications; Dynamic Suite Composition (DSC) provides administrator-controlled virtual application communication and interaction; compliance with Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing and Secure by Default initiatives, integration with Microsoft System Center Management Products, and infrastructure updates via Windows Update.

Additionally, Microsoft Application Virtualization for Terminal Services has also been updated to the same standards and now supports Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services.

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  1. sotonn says:

    This is tremendous news and realy moves the ball forward on cloud, grid and virtualized computing.

    BUT, the entry cost is way to high for any entreprenuerial(sp?) entry in the market for those unable to pay the freight.

    Technet has Softgrid 4.1 available.  I wish there was a way that Technet subscribers could utilize APP-V like HYPER-V to build their research and architectural sand boxes.

    I’ll keep hoping and saving my pennies…

    AHHhhh… Quad core/ 16MB / 1T laptop dressed up with no where to go.  OK, that’s soon!

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