What KVM switch are you using?

image I recently upgraded my KVM switch.  The number of machines I use on a continual basis had grown beyond two and I really need a better 4 port unit.  I ended up buying the IOGEAR GCS-1744 (pictured at right).

This particular KVM switch is also a dual monitor device that of course allows you to extend the desktop across those monitors.

Right now I only have one machine capable of driving two monitors, but pretty soon I’ll have two.  The laptops of course cannot drive two monitors without help from a docking station or some other external device.

I am considering trying the IOGEAR USB->DVI device to see how it works with the KVM switch for extending the desktop.  Unfortunately they list 1600x1200 as the max resolution for the device.  I need to check and see if it will do 1680x1050.  It doesn’t look like it will do that res and it would be my minimum bar.

Anyone doing something similar?  I already tried the Matrox DualHead2Go.

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  1. Dan Woodman says:

    I’ve been using the IOGear GCS1764 for quite some time and love it.  While only a single monitor solution, I have it set to switch my desktop’s second monitor between the desktop and all the other machines.  Works like a champ!

    That way, I can have something (like your blog posts with instructions) on my desktop’s 1st monitor and use the server on the 2nd without losing the image on the 1st monitor.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    I am currently using two 24" monitors.  I am adding a 27" to the middle soon.  My desk is going to look like the Starship Enterprise.

    The 24" on the right is on a dedicated DVI port for my Windows Vista OCUR HDTV recording machine.  When in use, it’s available regardless of my switching.

    The 24" on the left will be on the KVM and available to any multimon machine.  I haven’t decided yet if I want to use it on the KVM or put it in dedicated mode for video editing. Time will tell on that.

    The 27" in the middle will be on the KVM and shared across all 4 connected machines.

  3. Gkeramidas says:

    i have 2 pc’s connected to a dlink 8 port kvm now (server and media pc) and i use other ports when i build pc’s for clients. my main pc, not connected to the kvm, has 3 monitors, 22" crt, 22" lcd and a 28" lcd. the kvm is using the 22" lcd and the 28" lcd is also connected to another pc directly so i can use 2 monitors on that pc. it’s directly connected so i can watch tv no matter which kvm port is selected.

    but this sounds interesting, post back how it works.

  4. John Wiley says:

    …I have no experience with this brand or product, but I found this on Newegg.  Seems to be what you’re looking for, for a price:



    I looked HDMI switches, but only found port switches, not KVM.

  5. Matt says:

    What was your experience with the DualHead2Go?

  6. John Schneider says:

    I’ve been using the IOGear MiniView Micro PS/2 Audio KVM Switch for almost 2 years now.  Works perfectly and is very inexpensive.


  7. Keith Combs says:

    Hi John,

    Yea, I have one of those IOGEAR switches as well.  I also have the USB version.  They work really well for two machines.

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