Sticking it to The Man

image I’ve seen some horror stories this week.  Not surprisingly, they were about the iPhone buying process or more accurately, trying to move an account from a telephone company to at&t and the iPhone.  Wanna guess which phone company telephone number can’t be moved to the iPhone?  AT&T.

As odd as it seems, several people have tried and failed to move their phone numbers from an at&t corporate account to the required at&t individual account.  As I understand it, the internal at&t systems won’t cooperate.

That seems really odd to me.  Why wouldn’t those systems allow a port of the number?  If you can port your number from at&t to an outside entity, why wouldn’t it work for at&t consumer accounts?

Well, I decided to do the next best thing.  I am moving my business to  I haven’t decided who I want to sign up with for my next phone, with so many coming in the next 4-6 months.  But Virgin is making it easy to move there.  I bought a $29 phone.  You can load the phone with minutes in blocks of minutes or pay monthly.  No long term contracts.  Simple.  And they use the Sprint PCS network.

I’ll see how hard it is to port my number to the Virgin phone.  I’m guessing by this time next week, or earlier it will be done.  Then I can hang out at Virgin for a few months and let the market evolve.  I might get an iPhone, I might get a HTC Touch Diamond, or Touch Pro, or Sony X1, or Samsung i900 or whatever tickles me.

What everyone in America should do is buy a $29 phone and move to Virgin.  Maybe then Sprint, at&t, Verizon and T-Mobile will drop the 24 month contracts everyone hates.  And maybe, just maybe they’ll also realize the corporate discounts aren’t deep enough to warrant the hassles sometimes. 

Who knows, I may just chuck the whole idea of corporate email and just use a cheap phone, as a phone.  To be continued…

Comments (2)

  1. Anando says:

    Unfortunately all the phones that you plan to get are GSM based…whereas Virgin Mobile/Sprint is CDMA based.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Actually, rumor has it that when the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro release here, they will be CDMA.  No matter, I won’t be using Virgin Mobile at that point anyway.  This is just a temp measure until I decide what to do.

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