Congratulations to Apple and at&t !!!

image Regardless of the hiccups today on activation of the Apple iPhone 3G, you have to hand it to Apple and at&t on what appears to be a pretty decent product launch.  I mean after all, how many people played “sick” or “hookie” today in order to stand in line all day and buy an iPhone?

Let’s see, what was the temperature at the Apple store today in Southlake, Texas where I live today?  101 degrees baby.  What was the temperature of my home office today where I was at?  74-75.  Ahhhhhh.  Unless you’ve attended a Texas Jam in the summer here, you have no idea what 101 will do to your mind over the course of… wait for it… ALL DAY.  Line waits were 5-6 hours all over the country.  No thanks, I’m not into that kind of pain for any technology.  Maybe in the winter, but not the summer.

Things I like about the iPhone 3G and I don’t even have one:

  1. image Better speed – duh.  It’s about time.  Shall we go back in the blog posts to show what cell phone speeds I was getting 3 years ago?
  2. Touch interface – lets face it, Apple is doing a good job here and apparently the browser rocks.  Yes, I’ve tested it briefly on friends devices and in the store.
  3. App Store – who cares about the 500 initial apps.  It has the attention of people now.  I can think of dozens of apps Microsoft should do.  Will we?
  4. Exchange – the killer app is there and it’s THE corporate email system.  Let’s hope Apple’s client is bug free.  Software is hard and email is particularly picky.  We’ll see how fast Apple squashes bugs.
  5. Good size screen – 3.5” is a good size.  Great for watching movies when traveling and delayed in airports.  Does that ever happen to you?
  6. Storage – at least it’s at 16GB now.  You can get a few movies on the device now.

Things I hate about the iPhone 3G and I don’t even have one:

  1. Battery – Hello? Anyone home?  Can we get a darn removable battery?  This is a portable media player and phone for heavens sake.  We need 9+ hours of juice man.  Sure, go ahead and tease us with the big screen, phone and web browser.
  2. Price – did we just rewind 5 years?  I don’t mind paying a little premium for a top shelf device, but is this it?  Do I want to lock myself to it for 2 years?  Hmmmmm…  Is the no contract unit really worth 500-700 bucks?

I could probably nit pick on a few other things, but it looks like the unit covers my main two requirements.  It is a phone and has a good screen for video.  That’s attractive to me.  Not enough to go buy one, but still interesting.

It’s always fun to see enthusiasm for a technology or device and Apple has it going on right now.  Gotta give them credit.  But we aren’t sitting still and there are some devices coming in the next few weeks and months I have my eye on.  Let’s hope they are competitive.

Until then, rock on at&t and Apple. 

Comments (14)

  1. Nóri says:

    What kind of phone do you have now?

  2. Keith Combs says:

    6,000,000 bricks????  Let’s build a house !!!

  3. Keith Combs says:


    I have the Palm Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 device for my phone.  I use either my Zune 80 or Archos 605 WIFI for my video player when I travel.  Depends on my mood.  The Archos has the bigger screen and better battery life so I use it for long flights.



  4. Keith Combs says:

    Yes, the Samsung SGH-i900 Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro device is a looker.  But unfortunately it isn’t being sold yet here in the USA.

  5. dovella says:

    In these days should be distributed in Italy  look forward to this device because I am sure will offer a beautiful user experience.

    I saw many tests on you tube and the characteristics are very satisfied

    (excuse me my poor English)

  6. Stan Spotts says:

    It’s funny, but they had the intelligence to add Exchange support (Lotus Notes who?), but didn’t give the phone the management capabilities of the Blackberry.  Our communications guys won’t support the iPhone since they can’t manage it.  If the CIO loses his Blackberry, they can remotely flatten it, so no sensitive info is left on it.

    I figure that the iPhone is geared towards "cool", but management like this would have given it an inroad to the corporate market.

    I don’t have either, I have a SmartPhone ;).

  7. Keith Combs says:

    Dovella, I agree.  It looks like a very nice alternative to the iPhone and considering it has Windows Mobile 6.1, it should be a great corporate citizen as well.

    Stan, our MSIT department agrees with yours. Our MSIT department is setting Secure User Access (SUA) standards for laptops and mobile devices.  Unfortunately the 3G iPhone doesn’t meet those standards so although it can be used at the moment, the ban hammer is likely going to fall in the not to distant future.

    Some people might consider this a good thng.  No access to corporate email.  Take back your life.

  8. beanie says:

    New NVidia Tegra chips claim it can play 26-30 hours of HD video.  It has OpenGL ES 2.0 3D graphics acceleration.

    Media players using it should start coming out late 2008.  Smartphones using Tegra should start coming out sometime in 2009.  Hope Zune 3.0 uses it.

    NVidia is a Microsoft Embedded Partner.

  9. Keith Combs says:

    Sounds good to me.  I hope Zune 3 uses it, too.  They need some help in the battery life department.

  10. dovella says:

    Oh no!!

    buy samsung or wait nvidia tegra mobile ??

  11. Stu says:

    Keith, c’mon man, what device does all this with BT, WI-FI, 3G, and in this form factor at this price and lasts the 5-6 hours that mine does?  replaceable batteries are a myth still because what happens when the charge on the replaced unit runs down?  so best bet, charge, and use effeciently, like turning off 3g, wifi, bt, etc when not needed; yknow a lil called efficiency?

  12. Keith Combs says:

    Stu, I don’t disagree.  Frankly, what devices on the market match the capabilties?  Very few at the moment.

    I have not made the plunge yet.  Still waiting to touch and feel some of the winmo devices that are coming.

    Battery is definitely an issue for me.  I’m headed to Hawaii in November and that’s a 12 hour flight from Dallas.  I have no idea what gadgets I’ll take for the flight, but they need to last.

    Looks like people are figuring out what to turn off for longer life in the iPhone.  I’d turn off GPS, WIFI, BT and Exchange direct push.

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