Loading a HP 6910p with 8GB of RAM

As you probably are already aware, I received a couple of 4GB 200pin DDR2 SoDIMMs from Kingston for testing with my ThinkPad T61p.  Almost immediately I received requests to borrow those SoDIMMs so they could be tested with other machines.  Phat chance.  Cold dead hands.

But this weekend after getting the pool totally ship shape for the outlaws, BBQing some ribs, etc. I decided to pop these babies into my HP 6910p laptop.  As expected, they work fine.  I didn’t run my machine very long with them in, but it booted and worked properly.  Here’s a pic from that machine.


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  1. Nóri says:

    Interesting to see that the Mac reported 8GB and that Windows reported 8127MB.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Yea, there the Mac goes again trying to be kewl and simple on the eyes where Windows has to be all nerdy and precise.

  3. Ray Avila says:

    Vista SP1 changed the RAM reading from an exact MB count to a decimal GB count. I went from having ~ 2944 MB (with integrated memory taken away automatically, or 3072 MB with dedicated card), to 3.00 GB in SP1.

  4. Milan says:

    Keith, if you still have 8gb in that laptop (or anywhere else) can you please check in System Information what is it repoerting as Total Physical Memory

    In my workstation and my 2 servers (all home assemeled comps) in all of them i have windows 2008 x64 and 8gb of ram in each, everywhere it says 4gb for the total physical memory, i also checked couple of my companies HP servers with 16gb and they report also 4gb… everything is fine, windows sees all 8gb in system properties and task manager but im just really wondering about that 4gb figure… i also googled and cant find the deffinite answer to that (except check bios mem rewmap etc, which is deffenetly not the cause)

  5. Me says:

    I dont know if this helps much but i’ve been searching 4 a laptop and been to several sites and got to know that many systems only support a maximum of 4Gb of Ram, maybe that’s why even thought you have 8Gb it only detects 4Gb.

  6. Milan says:

    no no, that is mostly since the hardware and slots in the laptops, this is a windows bug for sure, just like to hear from more pople about it

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