Fixing Silverlight for Firefox 3 Users

logo About a week ago I started an internal thread about the incompatibility I was seeing on my Windows XP image with the recently released version of Firefox 3.  In short, the Silverlight videos would not play.  I did of course check the Silverlight requirements and Firefox 3 was/is MIA.

Since FF 3 is a new baby and Silverlight 2 has yet to be born, I figured we’re in that weird state of limbo that can occur when the planets aren’t properly aligned.  Sure enough, that’s the case and there are several ways to fix the incompatibility issue.  Finger pointing aside, take a look at Tim Heuer’s detailed explanation of the problem at “Updating Silverlight.js for Firefox 3”.

There’s just one problem with updating this file.  It’s EVERYWHERE.  Basically, I need to update every Silverlight application, all of my Expression Encoder 2 templates, and convince each site owner to update all of their settings as well.  Yea, it’s a hassle but now that we’ve released a semi supported method, I’ll get around to it over the next couple of weeks.  There are a substantial number of you reading this blog so I guess I should try and support you.  Grin.

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