What time is it in New Zealand?

I’m under a gag order.  I can’t talk about American Idol until Stuart and the clan in New Zealand have had a chance to see the show.  I’m not going to spoil it for them tonight.  Enjoy the show Stuart.

[UPDATE]  Apparently the other side of the planet is still weeks from the finale.  For some reason, they still have five contestants left.  I don't really understand that.  In this day and age, why aren't they showing this stuff near real time planet wide?  Odd.  Very odd.

Oh well, here's my synopsis.  The best man won.  David Cook consistently delivered the best performances the entire season and took home the gold in the end.  The finale show itself was just ok, but that's what TiVo and the fast forward buttons are for.

Although some of the critics of the show said the acts were too old and forgettable, I don't think some of the contestants will agree.  I mean lets face it, how many of us wouldn't love to be lead singer for ZZ Top?  Or to get to sing with Graham Nash?

The show had it's moments.  Good and bad.  But at least now we know you really can have dreams come true.  David Cook goes from Tulsa, Oklahoma bartender to American Idol champ.  Lets hope he can handle the fame and fortune.  Rock and roll DC.

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  1. Daz says:

    > I don’t really understand that.  In this day and age, why aren’t they showing this stuff near real time planet wide?  Odd.  Very odd.

    It’s been like that for years. Sometimes we don’t get shows until months or even years later.  With people downloading shows, it’s actually forced the networks to broadcast the shows in other countries closer to when it was in the USA.

    Internet TV systems such as Joost (www.joost.com) are terrible outside of the USA.


  2. Thanks anyway Keith. But like Daz says, some things don’t show here for months afterwards. American Idol is normally a lot closer behind but for some reason we’re weeks behind. Lost is only one episode behind now because the writer’s strike allowed us to catch up. And internet TV sucks for us because everything is region locked – things like Joost and Hulu are no good for us.

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