David Archuleta – America Idol Winner

As much as I would have liked to see the rocker David Cook prevail, I think David Archuleta edged Mr. Cook in the final performances.  I’m sure David Archuleta and his amazing voice is going to be announced the winner of American Idol tomorrow night.  The David versus David finale was a great showdown.  Congratulations to them both.

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  1. TN Titans fan says:

    The boyish cuteness stuff has got to stop… it’s time for rock n’ roll to take over again.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Which is why I wanted David Cook to win.  I hope he does, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  3. Keith Combs says:

    How can it be a spoiler if it hasn’t happened yet?  They won’t be announcing the winner for another 12 hours?  This was purely speculation on my part.

  4. ha ha – my bad. I thought you had seen it already. Down in NZ we’ve still got 5 contestants to go. But now I’ve checked the official website, thinking I already knew, so now I know who won for real anyway! doh.

  5. Keith Combs says:

    Apparently you guys are in some sort of weird time warp.

  6. markus says:

    And you got your wish. David Cook (who’s from my home town Kansas City) won!

  7. Keith Combs says:

    My strategy paid off.  I never win anything and always pick the losers.  So I decided to pick Archuleta.  Not that he’s a loser. He has a great voice although I wonder if it will last.  

    Cook rocks.  Interesting story for sure. Makes you wonder about the special people of the world that we’ll never know exist.

    Long live rock and roll.

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