My image shack is going down

The service I use for images on my blog is going down tomorrow night.  I'll probably spend some time tomorrow updating some links so it isn't coyote ugly.  But in the event something else interrupts my day that is more important, I thought you should know.  A lot of the other blogs on will be in the same boat. Apparently they are doing major power maintenance on the building that houses the "servers" I use.  Trust me, I am moving my data.  This was really the last straw for the provider.

[UPDATE] I have copied all of my data off the old service provider and now have a copy on our new home with Limelight Networks.  I have updated all of the image links for the posts currently making up my homepage at  Actually, I left one image alone so I can easily see when the old provider goes down.  I'm going to be updating other parts of my blog over time.

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