Class Reunion GPS Mashup

I have often wondered why it is that I live in a popular part of Texas, yet I never see anyone I know from high school or college.  It makes you wonder if we are really like two ships passing in the night.  Sure we see a radar blip on the screen and know not to come too close, but we never really look people in the eye anymore, so you wouldn't really know if you just walked past an old best friend.  Maybe we just look too different from when we were sixteen.

Or maybe you're at a concert or sports event and there are like 10-100 people you know, but you just never happen to go to the concession stand at the right time and spill a chili dog on their white shirt on the way back.  Ever get the feeling you've missed someone by just a hair?  You know, just like Nicholas Cage in "Next".  Well it's highly doubtful they have the two minute power and are avoiding you, so how would you improve the situation?

Maybe we should have embedded RFID or GPS chips.  It would be interesting.  Think of the mashup.  What if you could look back over the past decade and see where your paths intersected with your old friends?  I mean seriously, wouldn't it just piss you off to know that on the same week you were in Maui, or St. Thomas, or Tahiti that a long lost dear friend was there, too?

You would think the current generation of youngsters would never have this problem.  I mean lets get real.  This is the high tech everyone has a cell phone, ipod, iphone, uses instant messaging and twitter generation.  I still crack up remembering my teens snotty remark a few months ago.  "Email is for old people".

Well, we'll see if they keep track of their friends over the next 20 years any better than we did.  My teens still don't know GPS is built into their phones.  Whipper snappers.

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  1. John says:


    very interesting stuff… similar story..

    I grew up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and like most of my classmates, got the heck out of there as soon as I graduated high school. I moved to the metroplex 2 years ago, and just recently a lady I graduated with created a page on familylobby (one of those cheesy discussion, post your pictures type sites) to help find all of our classmates current whereabouts for our 20 year reunion next summer. The amazing thing is, how many of us now live in the DFW area. Even more amazing is there are already 10 classmates that have updated their info that live in Little Elm, where I know live, and none of us had ANY idea we were all there (and Little Elm is still relatively small as far as DFW suburbs go).

    The cool thing is that now, we all will be having a happy hour each month, to get caught up, but it took a 20 year reunion site, created by a lady still in Pine Bluff, to get the DFW based people back together.

    Sorry for getting long winded… Enjoy your blog! (your dog has a blog?)

  2. Keith Combs says:

    Yep.  Elvis is getting really good with a mouse.  I fully expect he’ll be ordering kibble, dog beds and treats soon with my Mastercard (which has his picture on it).  Custom credit cards are hip and kewl.

    See  :?)

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