Microsoft RDP Client for OS X – Beta 3 now available

If you are running OS X on a Mac and want to connect to a Windows server or client machine via a remote desktop connection, you should download and try the latest beta.  I’m still on the previous release, but this caught my eye so I thought I would mention it.  This will of course work for physical or virtual machine connections.

I used this client for some demos I did with Matt Hester where we were showing what the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 experience is like for a Mac user using FireFox or Safari.  I would demo the experience side-by-side all from my MacBook Pro and compare the experience to IE7 on the MOSS server.  Makes for a very interesting demo.

Go get it @

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  1. Hi Keith,

    reading your blog turned out useful once again 🙂

    I had noticed a couple of days ago that the RDP client on my mac complained about being too old.

    Thanks to you I got right to the download site for the upgrade.

    Keep up your great postings!


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