Blog till you drop?

Wow.  I just read the NY Times article, “In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop” by Matt Richtel.  That’s a pretty scary article, and I assure you, blogging won’t be my undoing.  Family genes most likely will.

One thing I noticed in the videos Matt and I have shot the past few weeks is that I am not the lean mean motocross machine of my youth.  Of course I’m not.  But that also doesn’t mean I have to be so fluffy either.  The problem is that it wasn’t too long ago that I was lean and mean.

I’ve actually been having some discussions with my wife lately about health and fitness.  Of course like all things, it’s put up or shut up.  So far I’ve been all lip service and unfortunately the video camera is all too unforgiving.  But that’s a good thing. 

No, I am not going to do anything drastic but it is time to smell the flowers more (walk), get my hands dirty (yard work), do some cardio (elliptical stepper), and get stronger (universal gym stations followed by free weights).  I know how, I just haven’t done it in the past few years.  Time to get off my ass and actually use my 24 Hour Fitness membership.  It’s bikini season.

There’s one thing I noticed about the article above that’s troubling.  It seems all of those folks worry 24/7 about getting the scoop.  I guess that is what it’s always been like for newspaper and TV reporters.  The internet has just magnified it, especially with smart advertising.  Notice any advertising on our blogs?  Hail no.  Not even on my personal blog (which I rarely post at).

Matt Hester and I have had some good conversations the past few weeks about family, our jobs, the pace we keep, travel, and all that stuff.  Great conversations.

I’m going to cut back slightly on the number of posts you see here.  It’s spring and I need to devote more time to me, stealing my wife from her business and taking her on a vacation (or even a day off), and getting some chores done around here.

You’ll still see roughly 20 posts per month but you’ll notice a shift slightly.  I’ve been queuing screencasts in my head and I’ll start executing on those now that some of the video dabbling is complete for now.  By the way, before I shift gears back to demo mode, I will be wrapping up version 3 of the blogging guide I maintain.  It’s basically a guide on how a Microsoft employee can create a blog, customize it, do screencasts, streaming video, use Silverlight, etc.  It keeps expanding and I’m going to put the finishing touches on this version, this week.

I promised I would publish some of that information publicly.  I will follow through with that promise soon.  The internal version is nearly complete.

So it’s time.  Time to get more sleep.  Time to exercise more.  Time to eat better.  Time to enjoy life more.  And of course, time to spend more time in the eternal quest for the perfect margarita.  Grin.

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  1. Rob says:

    I’ve found the perfect weigh-loss plan… I switched industries.  Instead of sitting at a desk with my four monitors remote desktoping to the serverroom with a cookie jar on my desk…  I run around in framed out houses putting up network and phone cable.  Without changing my diet of primarily Dr Pepper and little chocolate doughnuts, I’ve managed to burn off 3 inches from my waist and I’m back on the factory holes on my belt.

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